In the summer of 2008, the old pink house at the bottom of the hill was transformed once again.

We decided to call it the Liberty Glass in reference to our great-grandparents’s post-Prohibition bar of the same name in Fremont, Ohio. The original Liberty Glass had three simple tenets: Fine food, liquor, and music. In our imaginations, that was a time when reasonable people unhindered by pretensions or other modern maladies, could leisurely enjoy cocktails. It has been our desire to provide a venue for this pastime of ours.

There are three or four proprietors towards whom we shall attempt a feeble description. Rose McCormick is an artist and painter, a mother and gardener, a cook. Jason McCormick is a pilot and musician, a bartender and historian. Pete Bruha is a miner and folk music archivist, a traveler, tradesman and father. As for the next generation, Whiley Bruha may be a farmer or a newspaperman or an intrepid daredevil someday. And Levon Bruha may turn into a drummer, a baker, or a veterinarian.

Throughout the years we have been blessed to have some of the finest workers that a bar could ever know. Gals like Steph, Kat, Kim, Theresa, Libby, Darcy, Stephanie, Jen, Hillary,Elizabeth, Sheresa, Lauren, Kristi and Lizi. And fellows such as Rick, Nick, Mark, Amos, Garrett, Brad, Carlos, Sam, Chris, Corey, Miguel, Evan, John Paul, Sam, Dove, Henry and James Sproul.

                  Indeed it can be said that the personalities who patronize our establishment are quality folks, although it would be without a bit of class to attempt a litany by name.                    You know who you are!

Thanks for ELEVEN years!